British Drinks

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tea.gif Tea: 

1) The beginning: link 1 (Read the paragraph entitled "The Roots of Tea in Britain") - link 2.

2) The tradition of afternoon tea: link (Read the paragraph entitled "Afternoon Tea").

3) Consumption: link 1 - link 2 - link 3.

4) Other way of saying 'a cup of tea': link.

5) The benefits: link.

6) Afternoon Tea: A New Trend. Watch the two following videos and answer the questions in your minibook.

beer.gif Beer:

1) Name of the glass in which beer is served: link.

2) Types of beer: link 1 (Read the first paragraph only) - link 2 - link 3.

3) Number of beer brands in the UK: link.

4) Consumption: link 1 - link 2.

5) "Proud of British Beer". Watch the following video and answer these questions:

- Give the 2 adjectives used to describe British beer (Time: 28-30 / 272)

- What is beer compared to? (Time: 50-51 / 272)

- Give a synonym for 'make beer'. (This verb is used several times.)

 Whisky: activity.

danger.gifBinge Drinking in the United Kingdom:

- Definition: link.

- Video: activity.

irnbru.gif Irn Bru: activity - year of creation.

(If one of the links is broken, use the following document.)