Lesson 2 - What Is Cyberbullying?

(Download the following worksheet.)

PART 1: The Negative Aspects of New Technologies.

Nowadays mobile phones and the Internet are omnipresent in our lives. We can do so many things with them. But there are also negative aspects. Discuss these negative aspects with your classmates. Then  write down the most important ones on your worksheet.

PART 2: Learn about Megan Meier, Ryan Halligan and Cyberbullying.

1. Go to this page and collect information about Megan Meier. (See your worksheet.)

2. Go to this page and collect information about Ryan Halligan. (See your worksheet.)

3. What is cyberbullying? Do the following activity.

4. Childnet International - 'Let's Fight It Together'

    While watching the video, write down all the nasty messages the teenager gets.

PART 3: Reporting nasty messages.

1. Read the following testimony. Find the passages written in indirect/reported speech, then find out what was originally said. Complete your worksheet.

Hey, my name is Kylie. I lost my boyfriend to cyberbullying. He was in a gang and the members of his gang had found him on MySpace. They kept telling him he wasn’t going to live to see his children grow and that he needed to watch his back everytime he walked around or drove around somewhere. He got really scared one and day and called me up and asked to speak to his daughter. Of course she was only 2 at the time and couldn’t speak much language, but she knew that it was Daddy on the phone. So I put her on and he told her he loved her and he would see her soon. Then he told me the very same thing and more: he said he didn't want to see me cry. And he asked if I would love him always and forever. Of course I said yes. And that’s when I heard the gun shots. He shot himself. I drove straight to his house and found him.

 (Adapted from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_real_life_example_of_cyber_bullying)

Ex:    Indirect speech:

        They kept telling him he wasn’t going to live to see his children grow.

        Direct speech:

        They kept telling him: "You aren't going to live to see your children grow."

2. Grammar Point: Write down what changes in indirect/reported speech on your worksheet.

3. Time to practise! Do the following activity.