British Sports (Part 2)

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- The Beginning of Golf: activity.

- Watch the following video from 77|207 to 116|207 and give the three factors that contributed to the growing popularity of golf:

- Go to the following site and complete the page entitled 'Golf Vocabulary' in your minibook.


- Origin of curling: link.

- Places where curling was played in its early days: link (see Paragraph 4).

- When and where the rules of curling were drawn up: link (see Paragraph 5).

- Watch the following video and answer these questions:

    1) What is curling often compared to?

    2) What does this sport require?

    3) What is people's general opinion about curling?

    4) Is curling a violent sport? (Focus on this passage: from 69|101 to the end)

- Curling Equipment: Watch the two following videos and write down the equipment you need to play curling.


- Origin of shinty: link 1 - link 2.

- The first players of shinty: link (see Paragraph 2).

- Watch this video and describe the atmosphere among shinty players.

- Watch what a shinty match looks like:

highland_games.gif The Highland Games:

- Origin of the Highland Games and Purpose (= Objective): link 1 - link 2.

- Visit the two following sites and write down the name of the different events in your minibook: link 1 - link 2.

- Watch the following video for pleasure!

(If one of the links is broken, use the following document.)