Vocabulary (Hot Potatoes Exercises)

Choose a topic and ...

asterisk.gif learn the vocabulary related to it,

asterisk.gif match the words with the pictures,

asterisk.gif match the pictures with the sounds,

asterisk.gif do the crossword!

Body   breakfast   chores.gif

clothes   colours.gif   countries.gif

drinks.gif   face   farm_animals.gif

feelings.gif   food.gif   forest_animals.gif

fruit.gif   furniture   hobbies.gif

insects.gif   jobs1.gif   jobs2.gif

junk_food.gif   transport.gif   musical_instruments.gif

numbers.gif   pets.gif   rooms

routine.gif   sea_creatures.gif   school_subjects.gif

school_things.gif   shops.gif   sports.gif

staples_condiments.gif   vegetables.gif   weather.gif