LESSON 5: Job Interviews

Download the worksheet for this lesson!

PART 1: Job Interview Tips for Teens.

 Watch the following video and write down at least 5 tips for a successful job interview on your worksheet.

 Complete your list with 5 other tips your classmates have found.

PART 2: Examples of Job Interviews.

1) Job Interview 1:

 Some definitions:

- career = "an occupation or profession"

- overtime = 'time that you spend working at your job after you have worked the normal hours'

- reliable > 'He is reliable' = 'You can count on him'

- responsibility = 'something for which a person is responsible; an obligation'

- strength = 'a quality or an ability that a person or thing has that gives them an advantage'

- weakness = 'a weak (not strong) point in a system, somebody's character, etc'

 Complete the dialogue between the hiring manager and the applicant. Then report the answers on your worksheet.

2) Job Interview 2:

 General Comprehension: Listen to the recording and report the answers on your worksheet.

 Detailed Comprehension: Did you pay attention to the manager's questions and statements as well as the applicant's answers? Check out with this activity! Then report the sentences on your worksheet.

PART 3: Grammar Point - Asking for information.

 See your worksheet.