LESSON 4: How to write a Résumé and a Cover Letter

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a CV (UK) / a résumé (US)

 a covering letter (UK) / a cover letter (US)

 apply for a job = make a formal (official) request, usually in writing, for a job

 an applicant = a person who applies for a job

PART 1: How To Write a Résumé.

1) Introduction:

 Watch the following video and find out the four elements that you must include in your résumé. Write these four elements on your worksheet.

 Who should applicants compare themselves to?

2) The Perfect Résumé:

 Watch the following video and find out:

- the four things you need to write your résumé.

- the different steps. (Take some notes on your worksheet!)

3) Time to practise!

 Reorder the following British Style CV

(Note: You must put your work experience in reverse order. If you are an experienced worker and not a new graduate, the Work Experience section must be mentioned before the Education section.)

 An American style résumé is very similar to a British style CV, but there are tiny differences:

- if you are a new graduate, your résumé must be only one page.

- You must "describe your work experience in terms of self-motivation, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, and enthusiasm." (Source: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

PART 2: How to Write a Cover Letter.

1) Watch the beginning of the video and say what a cover letter is.

2) Watch the entire video and find out what you must do to write a perfect cover letter. Take some notes on your worksheet.

3) Time to practise

 Match the words or sentences on your worksheet with the different parts you find in a cover letter.

4) Some Useful Tips:

 Watch the following video and give the six pieces of advice for a killer cover letter.

    - A cover letter should [+ V] ...

    - You should [+ V] ...

PART 3: Grammar Point - The Present Perfect.

 See your worksheet.