LESSON 1: Part-time Jobs and Summer Jobs for Teens

Download the worksheet for this lesson!

PART 1: General Facts.

1) Common Places:

 Watch the following video and find out:

- the different places where teenagers can find a summer job,

- the two adjectives used to describe the jobs mentioned in the video,

- how old teenagers must be for these jobs.

2) Types of Jobs:

 Do the following activity and write down the names of the jobs on your worksheet.

3) Express Yourself!

 Which job(s) would you be ready to try? Why?

 Which job(s) would you refuse to do? Why?

PART 2: Pros and Cons (= Advantages and Disadvantages).

 Read the following document and take some notes about the pros and cons of each job.

PART 3: Grammar Point - Modals.

 Choose the right notion for each modal: activity 1.

 Time to practise! Do activity 2.