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Guest 1
“At my school we the from the time they’re . We them on what cyberbullying is. We them on netiquette, how to online. We to them about social networking sites. We them, we until they’re . But when they are in 7th grade, we actually them about how to and how to keep themselves online and what to do if something goes wrong.”

“We teach the kids when they’re little to , and .”

“If something happens online that is bothering them or troubling them, they what they’re doing, they and that’s a big problem with cyberbullying because when you start you also .

"I was just reading that some of these kids, they don’t want to talk about the fact that they’re being cyberbullied because they’re you’re gonna their .”

Guest 2
“Most of the time they don’t want to tell their parents because they don’t want their parents involved, it is most .”

Guest 3
“I think it is definitely part … it is now . It is a new form of that we didn’t have when we were children. And I think it is definitely part of a schools’ responsibility to talk about this and bring it up, have and . I mean, it’s like or just everyday . Internet are something that … yes, it is part of an .”