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@ Jeanna @
"Well, I the computer a lot and I with friends through AOL Instant Messenger. And I just moved from my hometown to Sacramento so it's a good way to old friends."
@ Phil @
"I love gadgets. I've got many in my room. My favorite has to be my laptop computer of course. I think everyone should have a laptop now because it's complete entertainment. I can . I can from the internet. I can on my students. I can new games on the internet. I can do anything in the world on my laptop. It's just amazing what you can do.
@ Tom and Jess @
Tom: "Jess, usually when I see you, you're sitting at the computer . How many times a day do you it?"
Jess: "I honestly don't count, but many, many times. Definitely more than twenty times a day. It's not really necessary. It's not like I have millions of coming into my every day, but I'm very impatient and I hate waiting for or waiting for something that I'm expecting so I'll my so that I can it as soon as it's sent. How about you? Do you your e-mails often?"
Tom: "I suppose I once a day, and if I have any mail, it will be one or two weeks before I to it. I'm really bad at . I've got at Facebook and Myspace and hi5, all these sites, but I almost never . I got a message the other day, a friend telling me, I'm a boring facebooker. It's official because I haven't my profile in so long."