Listen to the recordings (taken from, then fill in all the gaps. Press "Check" to check your answers.

   a general in the army      a prisoner of war      Abraham Lincoln      Alexander Hamilton      Andrew Jackson      assassinated      Benjamin Franklin      George Washington      in battle      inventions      kill      killed      lawyer      Lincoln      literature      politics      president      printing the money      rewarded      science      slavery      smart      the American Civil War      the Civil War      the first president      the first Secretary of the Treasury      the general of the Northern Army      the North      the South      tough      Ulysses S. Grant   
One Dollar Bill
First up, on the one dollar bill is . He was of the United States, so fittingly he is on the one dollar bill. Before being president, he was .
Two Dollar Bill
On the two dollar bill is Thomas Jefferson.
"The bill was discontinued in 1966, but was reintroduced 10 years later as part of the United States Bicentennial celebrations. Today, however, it is rarely seen in circulation and actual use. Production of the note is the lowest of U.S. paper money: under 1% of all notes currently produced are $2 bills." (taken from
Five Dollar Bill
OK, next up - . He is famous for being the during , and during and of the country fought and was the . A big issue (problem) at that time was , and also is famous for being . He was when he was .
Ten Dollar Bill
OK, on the ten dollar bill is . He was never of the United States. He was a very famous and he wrote many influential papers which helped found the country. He was also , which is in control of , so maybe that's why his face is on the ten dollar bill.
Twenty Dollar Bill
OK, next, on the twenty dollar bill is . He was a very president. He is known for being very and being and being . He once had somebody try to him when he was but he survived. Basically people just remember him as being very .
Fifty Dollar Bill
OK, on the fifty dollar bill is . He was after . He was , which won the war, and similar to Washington, after he won a major war he was by becoming president.
Hundred Dollar Bill
OK, next we have the hundred dollar bill. Now the hundred dollar bill has , and like , he was never , but he was very and he had many and ideas about and and so he is know for many famous ideas for his time and so he is on the hundred dollar bill.
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