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On cold winter night of December 16, 1773, band of American colonists approached three British ships in Boston Harbour. men are disguised as Indians and they have mission: destroy tea on board each ship to protest yet another British task on colonies. Boston Tea Party as it comes to be known is rooted in growing frictions between colonies and British Crown over Parliament’s right to levy taxes. For past 13 years, Britain has taxed number of items used in colonies, everything from sugar to playing cards. Each time colonists protested. In 1773, Parliament passed Tea Act. This required colonists to purchase only British tea. Though it was actually cheaper than other teas, it was taxed and to many colonists that was intolerable. In Boston colonists demanded tea ships return to Britain. British refused, so colonists took matters into their own hands. “ interesting thing about Tea Party is we think like there’s like wild sort of riot or mob, and that there’s mass confusion, and actually colonists were really specifically interested in making point about tea to British. So they didn’t storm and destroy ship. They actually didn’t damage this ship at all. They just went for tea. They didn’t even wreck lock to hatch. They just wanted to make point that tax was bad and they were going to show that by just destroying tea.” British were outraged. They closed Boston Harbor to trade and tried to assert even more control over Massachusetts. colonists resisted, united in growing defiance against England. Sixteen months after Boston Tea party, in 1775, American Revolution began.