British Sports (Part 1)

Download the minibook! (Click here to know how to fold the minibook!)


- Video 1: activity.

- Video 2: Watch the following video and answer these two questions:

    1) What was responsible for the development of football all around the world?

    2) Why is football so popular all over the world?


- Go to the following link and answer the questions in your minibook.

- Listen to Kevin talking about rugby: activity.


- The origin of cricket (When? Where?): link 1 - link 2 - link 3.

- Watch the first minute of the following video (you can watch the rest for pleasure!) and answer these two questions:

    1) How many countries around the world play cricket?

    2) How many players are there in a cricket team?

- Watch the following video and give the four reasons why cricket is a great sport:

(Focus on the following passages: 29|175, 53|175, 143|175, and 147|175.)

tennis.gif Tennis:

- The origin of tennis (When? Where?): link.

- Name of the famous tennis tournament in the UK: link.

- How old is this tournament? link 1 - link 2.

- Type of surface: link.

- The official who controls the game and makes sure the rules are respectes is also called the '...': link.

rowing.gifThe Boat Race:

- Go to  link 1 or link 2 and answer the questions in your minibook about the competitors, the origin of the race, the date of the first race, etc.

- Name of the river: link 1 - link 2.

- Distance : link.

- The current Course Record: link.

- The colour of each team: link.

- The current winner: link.

(If one of the links is broken, use the following document.)