Visit Scotland (Part 1)

Download the minibook! (Click here to know how to fold the minibook.)

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scotland.gif Report the locations of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness on the map in your minibook.


scotland.gif Edinburgh:

- A short introduction to Edinburgh: Watch the 4 videos and answer the questions.

- Find the 2 main nicknames of Edinburgh: link 1 - link 2.

- Know more about Edinburgh Castle:

   a) What is special about the place where Edinburgh Castle was built? Find out here.

   b) What is the other name of the Scottish Crown Jewels? How old is the crown? Find out here.

   c) Why are 1296, 1950 and 1996 three important dates in the history of the Stone of Destiny? Find out here.

   d) What is Mons Meg? Click here to find out! 

   e) What happens every day at 1 p.m.? Find out here.

- More views of Edinburgh:

scotland.gif Glasgow:

- Watch the 2 videos and write down the basic information about Glasgow in your minibook.

- More views of Glasgow:

- 2 recent constructions in Glasgow:

  1) Construction 1:

  2) Construction 2: click here!

scotland.gif Inverness:

- What can be said about the location of Inverness in the United Kingdom. Click here to find out (Paragraph 1).

- Watch the following video and take a few notes about Inverness in your minibook.

(If one of the links is broken, use the following document.)