Visit England (Part 2)

Download the minibook! (Click here to know how to fold the miniboook.)

Download the pictures to illustrate your minibook!

england.gif Report the locations of Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool and Manchester on the map in your minibook.


england.gif Stratford-upon-Avon: Watch these 2 videos. Then answer the questions in your minibook.

england.gif Oxford

- Go to this link and find out Oxford's nickname and how far the city is from London.

- Watch the following video and answer the questions.

- Watch the following video and give the two things Oxford is famous for:

england.gif Cambridge:

- Watch the following video and write down when Cambridge University was founded in your minibook.

- Watch these 2 videos and answer the questions.

england.gif Liverpool: Watch the following video and answer these questions:

- Why was 2008 an important year for Liverpool?

- What are the Liverpudlians (= the inhabitants of Liverpool) like?

- What is Liverpool famous for?

england.gif Manchester:

- What are the two nicknames of Manchester? Click here to know!

- What is Manchester famous for? Click here to know!

- What happened in 1996? Click here to know!

(If one of the links is broken, use the following document.)