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Native Speakers' Corner

Dear native speakers,

Help French students improve their understanding of English and know more about your amazing countries!

All you need is a microphone and your voice!


> Click on the red Audio Dropbox (see below) that corresponds to the topic you would like to talk about.
> Authorize the access to your microphone.
> Enter a name (It is not necessary to enter an email address).
> Click the red record button to record yourself. If possible, start your recording with your name and your nationality / country ("Hello! My name is ... and I am [+ nationality] / from [+ country].").
> Click the blue button to listen to your recording. If you are happy with it, click the green check button to submit your recording. If you are not happy with it, record yourself again! (You can re-record as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the recording.)

Don't worry if you stammered, repeated yourself, made some mistakes or digressed, since your recording is likely to be edited to suit our students' needs.

Thank you very much in advance for your PRECIOUS help!

General Introduction
(Time limit = 15 min)

Feel free to skip a topic if you don't want to answer it!
> Your first / Christian name (if you have an unusual name, could you please spell it?!) (family name: optional).
> Your nationality / Your origins.
> Your age.
> Your date of birth.
> Your place of birth.
> Your place of residence.
> What do you look like? (hair, eyes, height, figure, particular features)
> What are you like? (your personality / character).
> Your family: brothers / sisters, children, etc. (+ age + personality)
> Your pet(s): type – name – age – colour(s) - "character".
> What do you like doing / to do in your free time?
> The countries you have been to / visited and the countries you would like to visit.
> Your dreams.

Your Family
(Time limit = 5 min)

> brothers / sisters: names, age, looks, personality.
> Do you get on well with them?
> Did you get on well when you were young?

Your Pets
(Time limit = 5 min)


> type, name, age, colours, character.
> How long have you had your pet(s)?
> How did you get your pet(s)?

Your Hobbies
(Time limit = 10 min)

> What do you like doing / to do in your free time?
> Why this hobby / these hobbies in particular?

Your Talents
(Time limit = 5 min)

> What can you do?
> How well can you do it? (not ... at all / a little / quite well / very well / extremely well)

(Time limit = 5 min)

> What is your favourite sport? Why?
> Do you do a sport?
> How long have you been doing it?
> Why this sport in particular?
> How often do you do it?

(Time limit = 5 min)

> What is your favourite music genre? Why?
> Who is your favourite singer / group? Why?
> Do you play an instrument?
> How long have you been playing it?
> How often do you play?

School Subjects
(Time limit = 5 min)

> What school subject(s) do/did you like? Why?
What school subject(s) do/did you hate? Why?

(Time limit = 5 min)

> What time do you usually have breakfast?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?

(Time limit = 5 min)

> What is your favourite food? Why?
> What is your least favourite food?
> What is your favourite dish?

Traditional Food
(Time limit = 10 min)

> name of the recipe.
> main ingredients.
> for what occasion?

(Time limit = 10 min)

> What countries have you already visited?
> Choose a country you visited and say when you visited it and what you did and saw.
> What country/countries would you like to visit? Why?

Symbols associated with your country
(Time limit = 10 min)

> animals?
> flowers?
> musical instruments?
> colours?
> food?

Can't find your topic? Use the following Audio Dropbox.

(Time limit = 10 min)

Holidays / Festivals

Name? When? What (do people do)? Where? Who? Why? How?

(Time limit = 10 min)

(Time limit = 10 min)

(Time limit = 10 min)

(Time limit = 10 min)

New Year
(Time limit = 10 min)

St Patrick's Day
(Time limit = 10 min)

4th of July
(Time limit = 10 min)

Other Holidays / Festivals
(Time limit = 10 min)

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