Interesting sites for IWB!

OC = Oral Comprehension

OE = Oral Expression

RC = Reading Comprehension

asterisk.gif ALPHABET

- Alphabet Antics (British Council): Click here. (OC)

asterisk.gif CHRISTMAS

- Jacquie Lawson's cards: card 1 - card 2 - card 3 - card 4. (RC)

- Christmas Maze: click here. (OC)

- Whose present is it? (British Council) Click here. (OC or RC)

asterisk.gif CLOTHES

- Match the kit (British Council): click here. (RC)

- Job Mixer (British Council): click here. (RC)

- Sports Mixer (British Council): click here. (RC)

- Teddy Dresser (British Council): click here. (RC)

asterisk.gif DIRECTIONS

- Find 3 different places: click here. (OC)

- Destination Impossible: click here (then choose 'Destination Impossible'). (RC)

asterisk.gif FURNITURE

- Help Roger decorate his apartment: click here. (OC - RC)

- Create your room: click here. (OE - OC)

asterisk.gif MONEY

- How much is this? (British Council) Click here. (OC)

- Money Maze (British Council): click here. (OC)

asterisk.gif PASSIVE

- Put in order: click here. (RC)

- Active or Passive: click here. (RC)

asterisk.gif PAST SIMPLE

- Click on the right lily: game 1 - game 2.

asterisk.gif PETS

- Identipet (British Council): click here. (OC or RC)


- Face Match (British Council): click here. (OC or RC)


- Where is the mouse? Click here. (RC)

- Peek-a-boo Puppy: game 1 - game 2 - game 3. (OC and RC)

asterisk.gif SHOPPING

- Trolley Dash (British Council): click here. (OC and RC)

asterisk.gif TIME

- Bang on time: click here. (RC)

- What's the time? (British Council) Click here. (OC and/or RC)

- Willie the Watchdog: click here. (OE)

- What time is it? Click here, choose 'random' and the level you want. (OE)

- To practise: click here. (OC - OE)

- Different activities: click here. (RC - OC)

asterisk.gif VOCABULARY

- Language Guide: click here.

- Europschool: click here.

- Learning Chocolate: click here.

- Spin and Spell: click here.

- The Hangman Site: click here.

- Vocabulary Games: click here.

asterisk.gif WEATHER

- What's the weather like? (British Council) Click here. (OC)

- Weather Maze (British Council): click here. (OC)