Interactive Books

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Note: Your students must type the answers correctly to get the points (2 spaces instead of one will be considered as a mistake; same thing for a space after a period / full stop).

asterisk.gif GRAMMAR

asterisk.gif CIVILIZATION

asterisk.gif VOCABULARY

personality1.gif BE (+ Personality adjectives) personality2.gif

cat.gif HAVE (GOT) dog.gif

eyes BE and HAVE (GOT) (+ Physical Description) face

ok.gif LIKE - LOVE - HATE (+ Hobbies) no2.gif

dancing.gifCAN (+ Talents) horse.gif

clock2.gif Present Simple (+ Daily Routine) clock4.gif

frequency1.gifFrequency Adverbs (+ Chores) frequency2.gif

MUST - MUSTN'T (+ Rules) no.gif

police_car.gif There is / There are (+ Shops) phone_booth.gif

chemistry1.gif Comparative Forms (+ School subjects) chemistry2.gif

piano.gif Present Continuous  photographer.gif

hat.gif Present Simple - Present Continuous (+ Clothes) tshirt.gif

dentist.gif Present Simple - Present Continuous (+ Jobs) nurse.gif

birth.gif Past Simplebaby.gif

icon1.gif Subject and Object Pronouns icon2.gif

icon3.gif Possessive Adjectives icon4.gif

question1.gifAsking Questions (4 Tenses) question2.gif

earth.gif Present Perfect (+ countries)  plane.gif

pumpkin.gif Halloween ghost.gif

turkey.gif Thanksgiving thanksgiving.gif

xmastree.gif Christmas santaclaus.gif

kiss.gifValentine's Day hearts.gif

leprechaun.gif St Patrick's Dayshamrock.gif

shy.gif Personality Adjectivespersonality3.gif

notes.gif Hobbies (Like - Love- Hate) racket.gif

ski.gifTalents (+ CAN) cook.gif

clock1.gifDaily Routine (+ Present simple)  toast.gif

clock3.gif Time clock5.gif

house1.gifMy House - My Bedroom house2.gif

sweep1.gifChores washing_machine.gif

hairdresser.gif Shops and Places in Town greengrocer.gif

compass.gif School Subjects  microscope.gif

face1.gif Physical Description face2.gif

sweater.gif Clothes shoes

postman.gif Jobs surgeon.gif

suitcase.gif Countries  suitcase2.gif

animated_two.gif Numbers  animated_four.gif