The Rules

traffic_lights.gif Make 4 to 6 groups.

traffic_lights.gif Give a driving licence / driver's license to each group.

traffic_lights.gif When a player lands on a PICTURE square, he/she says what he/she MUST / MUSTN'T / CAN / CAN'T / SHOULD do.

Ex 1: example1.jpg I mustn't turn left.           Ex 2: example2.jpg I can park.

traffic_lights.gif When a player lands on a CARD square card_square.gif, he/she takes a card and answers the question.

When there is a police officer on the card, the player must be very careful: if he/she gives a wrong answer, he/she loses 4 points on his driving licence / driver's license.


If a team loses all its points, the players of that team must go back to START and start a new driving licence / driver's license!

traffic_lights.gif The winning team is the team that reaches the FINISH square first!

traffic_lights.gif Study the vocabulary before playing!

traffic_lights.gif See the solutions!