OBJECTIVE: The objective is to talk about ONE of the characters (Tom, Laura, Emily, Oliver, Becky, Peter, Kate and Brian) and his/her family, pets, and favourite objects.

Make 4 or 5 groups. Give the following grid to each group.

The players can choose a character right from the beginning or while playing (they can also change their minds).

The players can move forwards and backwards.

The players must say what the characters have (got):

    Ex 1:  > Tom has got one sister. (British English) / Tom has one sister. (American English)

    Ex 2: > Emily has got two cats. (British English) / Emily has two cats. (American English)

    Click here to see all the solutions.

When a group has collected all the information about one character, the players must repeat the list to the teacher and the rest of the class. If the description is correct, the group wins!


one sister


two sisters

one brother


two brothers

one cat

two cats

one dog

two dogs

one frog


two frogs

one turtle

two turtles

one bird

two birds

one rabbit

two rabbits

one fish

two fish

a bike

a cellphone