OBJECTIVE: The objective is to describe the bedroom of one of the characters (Albert, Jennifer, Taylor, Bruce).

Make 4 or 5 groups. Give the following grid to each group.

The players can choose a character right from the beginning or while playing (they can also change their minds).

The players can move forwards or backwards.

For each bedroom, the players must describe the different pieces of furniture.

        Ex 1: > In Albert's bedroom, there is a red alarm clock.

        Ex 2 > In Jennifer's bedroom, there is a white bed.



        - There is a + singular noun.

        - There are + plural noun.


        If the answer is correct, the players write the piece of information in the corresponding square in the grid.

        If the answer is not correct, the teacher gives the right answer and the players must memorize it for the next time they land on this square.

        Click here to have all the solutions!

When a group has collected all the information about the bedroom of one of the characters, the players describe the bedroom to the teacher and the rest of the class. If the description is correct, the group wins!



an alarm clock

a bed

a carpet


a chair

a chest of drawers


a desk


a wardrobe